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Imaginal Self Care for Performers

A rising tide lifts all boats. 

We are here to uplift, support and enhance all creative spirits with result based meditations for all artists

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Our Gift 

We have been blessed with wisdom, experience and techniques. There will be many offerings to come including Bilingual Meditations and Seasonal Journaling. (Sign up for the Newsletter to keep up to date).

 Meanwhile,  please allow us to share a simple 3 minute meditation. This meditation was created for the empowerment of our lungs. There is a 432 hz tone bathed in the audio to resonate wtih the earth's frequency.

Please do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Ideally, lie on the floor with your neck supported and be warm and comfortable. Listen. 

Go well. Be well.

Enhanced Lung Power - 3 Minute Meditation from MoVibeMoVibe Productions
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Voiceover Talent.
Public Speakers.

Breath Work. 
Connecting Body and Mind.
Psychological Energy

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